Xmas 2017- Christmas Fruit Cake Soak

Once we moved to this part of the world, I’ve been trying to settle for a perfect recipe for the Christmas Fruit Cake, and after a lot of research and some fails, I found this perfect recipe for the Christmas Fruit Cake Soak. For the last four years,  I’ve been baking my own Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake, and yes, I just love this Christmas fruit cake and feel a sense of great achievement when my family and friends take a bite of that rich, heavenly cake. And I hope to carry this tradition every year…

I’m also proud of the fact that I could get a lot of friends and reader to go through this process, and they have loved how this turns out perfect every time.

This year Christmas is very special, as we have my sister-in-law visiting us after almost a decade. So we wanted to make it special for her and asked her to join us in the Fruit soak process.  She was elated to be given that honor to soak the fruits in brandy. Here are a few pictures that will go straight into one of our favorite memories of Christmas, surrounded by those dearest to us…



Chhristmas Fruit Soak


Here are all the secrets that you will need to perfect the Christmas cake, beginning with the fruit soak.

Add all the dried fruits together in an air tight glass jar with lid, and cover with brandy to soak. Check the recipe here..Ensure that you keep adding few ounces of brandy from time to time. Also give a good mix with a wooden spoon to ensure that all the fruits are soaked well.

Happy Soaking!!!

Christmas Cake Fruit Soak







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