Vermicelli Upma/ Indian Pasta

Don’t all of us have those busy days when you don’t have the time to cook a full-fledged lunch or dinner? or you’re just too lazy to move away from a television program??? In such cases, we need some instant stuff, something easy, filling, and tasty too, healthy bhi…like Vermicelli Upma/ Indian pasta.

Vermicelli are long fine pasta like sticks that are made out of maida, wheat or even rice, and mostly used in Asian Cooking. Most of us relate vermicelli to semia payasam, made with milk, vermicelli and sugar, a common dessert during South Indian festivals… But semia/ Vermicelli can also be used to make a yummy meal as well..Presenting here, one of our favorites at home- Vermicelli Upma..You could even call it the Indianised version of Pasta

Indian Noodles

Vermicelli Upma

The highlight of the recipe is that its very easy and quite addictive too….Except for the vermicelli, rest of the ingredients are easily found at home.. And you don’t need any side dishes to go with it, maybe just a hot cup of chai…

You can eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, evening as evening tiffin too…Kids would love it too, and its an easier way of making them eat vegetables too..along with this tasty upma…


We made this last week, and I knew this should be one of the first recipes for the year 2015. Its our favorite,and hope it will soon be yours too…..So lets welcome lazy evenings and weekends with this delicious upma….

I’ve got few requests to add more veg recipes…and this is the first among the many more to come on the blog soon…Happy Munching!!!

Vermicelli Upma

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