Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake

Christmas is never complete without the Traditional Christmas Fruit cake…Rich , plump dry fruits that have been soaked in alcohol for months and days brings a fruity boozy Christmas cake..

Most of the time, Christmas is spent at home with parents. My mother-in-law is a passionate cook, and I admire her for her patience and love for new recipes, especially all the that effort taken during Christmas, when she gets to spend the festive days with her children and grand children….Old age nor her cancer has affected the Christmas celebrations or the yummy goodies on the Christmas table…

Her Christmas cake is also quite special, and she bakes for the family, friends and neighbors…Her recipe will soon come on the blog….How can I not steal that recipe saved in her own handwritten diary??


This recipe is special in many ways..I’ve spent hours and hours on internet, to find the perfect Christmas fruit cake recipe. Nothing short of perfection….And then I finally stumbled on a recipe that gave me the perfect fruit soak details ( You can find the link for the Christmas Fruit Soak here)and the cake recipe as well…..Pink Whisk, I’m sure has worked hard enough to arrive at this recipes. Check out the blog for different variations in fruit soak as well as the measure for baking in various tin sizes..

When i found the recipe, it was half the job done..Then i went straight for the soak. and finally this cake, which was baked for a friend, and that was my first Christmas Order. Anyways…I am glad to share this recipe to all of you readers, and hope that you guys make this beautiful Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake for your loved ones…

Wont it be lovely to have some cake and hot cocoa, while you go under the tree to fetch those wonderful presents and exchange gifts and wishes with your loved ones?

Christmas Fruit Cake

Hope all have soaked their fruits using the Christmas soak recipe on the blog If you still havent, or still remain confused whether to make one..just click this link and give it a try Christmas Cake fruit soak……

Now lets move straight to the recipe….You could even bake it days before Christmas, and feed it with brandy/ rum at regular intervals to keep the cake moist and delicious, which is what I have done…Once again thanking Pink Whisk for the detailed version of the recipe…

Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake

Christmas Cake

Let’s Welcome Christmas with this Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake, that is so moist and delicious, and is packed with fruits and flavour.

 Once gain, wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas and  a Happy New Year!!!

For the lazy ones, here’s an easier Christmas cake that also has an extra ingredient- chocolate. Chocolate Christmas Fruit cake from the Queen of Cooks- Nigella.

Chocolate Christmas Fruit cake

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2 Responses to Traditional Christmas Fruit Cake

  1. Roshni Ranjan Kocherry

    Hi Shruthi, every Christmas season I plan to make a traditional Xmas fruit cake but I always put it off. This time however your message, ‘Have you soaked your fruits for Christmas?’ was truly the inspiration I needed to get going. I soaked the fruits, stirred it religiously everyday and waited with bated breath for the cake recipe. I finally baked the cake on Christmas eve late into the night and it came out perfectly!The cake was delicious and was polished off in no time! The entire process from shopping for the ingredients, to chopping all of it, soaking it and the aroma of the cake baking added a special feeling to Christmas this time. Thank you!

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thank you Roshni Chechi….

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