Tefal Launch- Clipso+Precison Pressure Cooker

I love being a food blogger. Not only does it inspire myself to learn more about cooking and find new recipes, learn food styling and photography, but also understand kitchen brands and be part of their efforts to make our lives easier.

I was invited to one such event, and was so honored that they wanted me to be part of it. Thank you Renno Communications Group and Tefal for the invite.

Tefal, owned by Groupe SEB, one of the most premium brands in household appliances, is launching their breakthrough pressure cooker ‘Clipso+Precision to the Middle East, and a number of experts from different fields restaurants, bloggers, Hotels and representatives from online community portals were invited to experience this innovative product that has been crafted to perfection, taking into consideration every aspect of a cooking experience.

Tefal (Teflon+aluminium) is a French manufacturer of small domestic appliances, famously known for creating the non-stick cooking category of appliances, without which life in kitchen would have been a nightmare. They are also pioneers in the pressure cookers, which dates back to 1954. The Clipso+Precision range of pressure cookers has gone through various changes and designs to better suit requirements, and ensuring maximum security and ease of use.

The début event was held on 4 November 2014 at Top Chef Cooking Studio,Jumeirah, Dubai, one of the most sought after places for culinary events and cooking classes in Dubai. The event included a detailed History of the Tefal range of pressure cookers, which was explained and demonstrated to the audience by Ms. Marie-Pierre Perdreau, International Product Manager (Cookware, Tefal)…explaining the various stages and research that has been put in order to create such a beautiful and advanced pressure cooker.

Tefal Clipso+PrecisionThe evolution of Pressure Cookers

Tefal Dubai launch

Later the invitees were asked to try the product at the cooking studio/Lab and make a dish using the pressure cooker, guided by Chef Bruno Blancho. This helped us further to understand and feel the product, and it was fun trying out the different levels and features of the Clipso+ Precision Pressure Cooker. My team made Ginger Chicken using the pressure cooker, and it was done in minutes.

Cooking with Clipso + Precision Cooking with the CLipso + Precision


Now as a working mother, a wife, and as a food blogger, here are some of the things that I absolutely loved about the product:

1) Faster cooking ensuring that nutrients are not lost in the cooking process therefore retains the color, flavor and the nutrients in the food. And faster cooking means, less energy consumption as well, right?
2) Different cooking programs for meat and vegetables (That’s one of a kind). Yes, this was something that really caught my eye. The cooking time and pressure is different for meats and vegetables. Differentiating this in cooking makes a huge difference, not to mention preserving the essential nutrients in vegetables
3) Safety- The safety measures introduced in the pressure cooker are of international standards and class apart.

The other major features include the flexibility to use in all types of heat sources, foldable handles for better storage, smart timer, excellent safety measures and various sizes to match each family’s requirement.

To close, this is an excellent choice for your kitchen and will definitely last a lifetime. The brand is the proof for that.. A huge thumbs up to Group SEB and Tefal on the launch, and you have the support of the women worldwide for the wonderful products offered. Thank you for identifying the features that are sought out by women for enhancing their cooking experience.

Tefal Dubai

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