Serradura Pudding

Serradura, meaning ‘sawdust’ is the easiest pudding ever…..This is super easy to make, and really impressive to the eye and your tastebuds, that your guests would wonder what’s the secret ingredient that makes it so yumm??? Although the names’ quite unappealing- Sawdust…However, the sawdust here refers to the secret yet common food item at home- tea biscuits or colloquially referred to as Marie biscuits..

Just few ingredients, and the result is absolutely appealing….The Serradura pudding is light, fluffy, with beautiful layers of biscuit powder and whipped cream…This can be made in an instant when you have unexpected guests, or when you’re in the mood for something simple and sweet.


 Although the ingredients of the recipe are almost the same in all food blogs, I happened to see this recipe first on mydiversekitchen‘s site, who is an amazing cook with some unique recipes and beautiful photographs….Check out her website for some utterly butterly delicious recipes….

Back to the Serradura Pudding, this dessert just adds to the number of items on your food table for your big feast day..And no one will ever know that this was a quick one..unless you give away the magic details…

Enjoy, and don’t be shy to lick the back of the spoon too…..

Serradurra Pudding/cinnamonweekends

serradura pudding/cinnamonweekends

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4 Responses to Serradura Pudding

  1. alfalah

    vanilla make me happy

  2. alfalah

    Very suitable for guests

  3. Sumit Lepcha

    Simple and tasty.. thank you.. 🙂

  4. sara

    Thats an absolute 123 recipe you shud try on!!!!…Thank you shruthi for letting me taste the very same one you portrayed on the picture…

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