Rose Saffron Baked Donuts

My blogger friend Nielophar had posted a picture of these Rose Saffron Baked Donuts in her Instagram, and I knew then and there that this would be one in my wannabe list. I also had this mini donuts pan with me for quite some time, but until I saw these mini beauties,I never felt like using them.

Rose Saffron Baked Doughnuts/
The catch was the rosewater and the cardamom used in the recipe, which i thought was quite unique…These are so easy to make for those summer evenings, with a cup of tea, small, cute buttons that melt in the mouth immediately. I shared a few with my friend who was having a get together. They had these with ice-cream, and loved the combination as well. My daughter loved these too, and couldn’t keep her hands off these beauties. She had quite a share too. I will make them again and again, and I’m sure that will be the same with everyone who tries this Rose Saffron baked Donuts.

Rose Saffron Baked Doughnuts/

These are not entirely like those donuts that we are used to….as they are fried. The Rose Saffron donuts are baked and are more like bite size pieces of cake,but they disappear in seconds..and you just cant stop with one or two…
Happy Munching!!!

Sourced from Beela Bakes

Rose Saffron Baked Doughnuts/

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    • Cinnamon Weekends

      let me know how it was…

  1. alfalah

    its looking so good

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      thank you so much alfalah

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