Rava ladoo

No one can have just one type of sweet for Diwali…You need to have loads and loads of sweets, food, fireworks, happy wishes, and have a blast on Diwali….Thats the big thing about the Festival of Lights. Adding to the list of sweets is another very popular, traditional yet can never go out of style ‘Rava Ladoo’, or Sooji Ladoo, or Semolina Ladoo…You can just decide what to call it.

Semolina Ladoo/cinnamonweekends.com

But seriously, this has always been a favorite, and something that was always available, maybe cos it was so easy to make and the taste, spot on….You can never get tired of rava ladoos. can you?

Just make it in the right size, and they go right into your month……the blend of the coarse semolina with a hint of coconut and the amazing smell of ghee and the sweetness of sugar is all that you need this Diwali…I believe this is hugely popular as this can be made in a very short time, especially this recipe which uses Condensed Milk…Instant Rava ladoos in a jiffy.

Rava Ladoo/cinnamonweekends.com

So are you ready to make this Diwali a happier one, with loads of full stomachs, telling you Thank YOU??

Rava Ladoo/cinnamonweekends.com

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  1. alfalah

    highly pleasant to the taste.

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