Prawns Mango Curry

Offlate, I’ve been craving for a nice meen curry (Seafood curry), and since it was the season of mangoes, I though this Prawns Mango Curry should be a good one to re-try.

I don’t remember the last time I cooked prawns….cos its been years…Seafood has always been a favorite and a special choice for me at most restaurants and homes…Amma’s fish curry …fish fry, kadukka fry, Lilly Aunty’s prawn fry, Mummys Natholi fry, Karimeen pollichathu at Kumarakom and Paragon restaurants…..I can go on and on…

A special mention here to Baby Marine Group here, one of the famous names in Seafood Industry in Calicut. I was fortunate enough once to be invited to their palatial home years back, when I used to volunteer for an NGO named OISCA. I will not exaggerate here…but I have never ever tasted such amazing seafood (crab and prawns) after that. We were served with such amazing seafood, Whole crabs with filling, huge tiger prawns fried, boiled, curried and what not. Thank you Mrs. Babu. I will remember you forever, and you are a great cook….I still have some pics of that lovely day. I may post them here later.


Once an expert at eating anything under water, I somewhere lost that capacity once I moved to Dubai, the land which serves worldwide cuisines under one destination. I developed an allergy that was so bad, it turned my life upside down. I could hardly eat anything, as I was allergic to a lot of stuff. It was a difficult period, and I m glad it’s over. I still have some discomfort when I eat prawns, but I adjust with some anti histamines.
So this is a warning to anyone who’s trying the Prawns Mango Curry recipe below. Kindly check if you have allergies for seafood. Please also note that you buy fresh organic prawns (Good Farming – Farmed in a way that respects the environment.) Our seas have suffered because of bottom trawling and over farming. So let’s show some respect here as well.

Prawns Mango Curry

Prawns Mango Curry

Ok, now back to this recipe. I was craving for prawns for a few days now, so when I could find some fresh prawns at the fish Market, I decided to give it a try. This Prawns Mango curry recipe is sooooo good, and the combination of Mango and Prawns in a little chatti (earthern pot…brings out a different flavor altogether) is the perfect thing for your weekend lunch. It goes extremely well with Matta rice and upperi/ thoran (sautéed vegetables) or even with tapioca.

Prawns Mango Curry

My husband, who is very critical about fish curries, loved it too. It was quite spicy, so please adjust the heat levels as per your preferences. This would also be a change from the usual iftar specials. I could also call it healthy, cos it uses very little oil, and also used coconut oil, which is a healthy fat.

So please try the Prawns Mango Curry, and Im sure you ll make it again soon….Lip smacking delicious!!
Ramadan Kareem!!

Prawns Mango Curry

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  1. Rafeeda@The Big Sweet Tooth

    Amazing prawns curry… love this anytime! We normally make our curries in the varutharacha way instead of coconut milk… 🙂 I too have a prawn allergy and normally don’t eat it at all, except if it is dynamite prawns and then end up itching my way the whole night… 🙂

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      thanks rafeeda..

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