Peppermint Crinkle Chocolate Cookies

There are some recipes that you just have to make again and again, cos they are sooo good….One such must-have recipe for Christmas is this Peppermint Crinkle Chocolate Cookies. And this has been one among  the loads of little christmas gifts for my friends

Peppermint Cookies

There’s another special thing attached to these cookies….I posted the pics of these cookies on Facebook 2 years back, and that’s when I got suggestions from friends to start a blog/ cafe/change of profession, and a year later, here I am….with a website of my own…and I just hope I have made some one else s day or event better by sharing some of my favorite recipes..

Back to Christmas, we are getting into the festive spirit, and there’s so much to do….including the blog….I have so many ideas and so much work, that Im going crazy. Checklists are done,, and now I need to follow them….Recipes for blogs, and then the photographs, shopping before vacation, packing, gifts, remaining decorations for the house (although we’re away for vacation, I cannot leave this house without Christmas decorations,…)

And in between all this, I have a four year old gap-teethed elf and a cheeky 1 year old boy, giggling and touching all these shiny baubles and figurines around them..They are enjoying all the extra decor and lights at home..


Again, back to the recipe..Wrapped in a crisp exterior these Peppermint crinkle Chocolate Cookies have a chewy brownie-like inside, with the amazing powdered sugar all over, that gives it a crinkly look. With the right notes of peppermint here and there while you take the bite, its out of the world. Nothing like the cookies you’ve had till date….

Peppermint Chocolate Cringle Cookies

  Christmas Cookies

These cute little mouth watering cookies are perfect as Christmas gifts…Your friends will love you for this….and even demand for more….Just a few of these in a brown bag and a few candy canes tied with christmasy ribbons is the perfect DIY gift for Christmas…

So what are you waiting for? Don’t think twice..Just go and make these….

christmas crinle cookies with peppermint

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  1. alfalah

    Best thing in the holiday cookies

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