Mutton Leg Soup (for the Winter)

Although this year’s winter in Dubai can only be called ‘weird’, I still want to call it the season of warm bowls of soup….Across the world, this winter has been harsh, and it is important to keep us free from all the by- products of winter- cold, body aches and pains and weakness.

Yes, Nothing can beat winter than a bowl of warm soup. However, of all the soups that I’ve tried, this traditional Kerala style Mutton Leg Soup (Aatu Kaal Soup in Kerala-straight from Mom’s kitchen) is my all- time favorite. Somehow everything tastes better when your mom makes it. Right? Ah, Mothers!!!

Mutton Leg Soup/cinnamonweekends

Mutton clear Soup/cinnamonweekends

The only time we bought mutton at home was during monsoon/ cold weather, or when we were recovering from an illness. We were not lovers of goat meat, but absolutely loved this Mutton Leg soup, pressure-cooked to perfection, a clear soup with some glistening fat, spiced with green chilies and peppercorns, buttery garlic, and the shallots and fenugreek seeds just giving it the medicinal touch to the soup. This was the wonder soup that could bring us back to recovery….

Mutton Leg Soup/cinnamonweekends

The last time I had it was post-delivery….Yes…this soup is excellent for mothers post delivery, to recover and regain their strength. Good for your amazing kids, as it gives them a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals…Mutton Soup is considered an energy tonic in winter..Known to improve your blood circulation, beef up your calcium in bones, and warm you up…Lot of proteins..and nutrition for your vital organs…

So last weekend, I wanted to try this wonder tonic at home….Its high time I followed tradition by introducing this wonder soup to my family too… It’s a simple recipe, but quite effective. My family loved it…especially my daughter, who demanded more…Try this for your family, and enjoy the weather, while it lasts….

Aatu Kal Soup/cinnamonweekends

Mutton Soup/cinnamonweekends

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8 Responses to Mutton Leg Soup (for the Winter)

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thanks Shailaja….

  1. Neelu

    I love paaya soup! Photos are gorgeous as usual Shruti!

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      neelu…you are too kind…

  2. sara

    This looks yumm shruthi…wish I gotta chance taste it….. sllluurrrppp!!!!!!

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thank you Sara…soon after lent!!!

  3. anu

    wow awesome soup….first time here…beatuiful recipes, clicks…

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thank you so much Anu…and nice to meet have a lovely website out there…

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