Methi / Fenugreek Chicken

A year of silence…even missed the Anniversary post for this blog…… 2014-2015 was a year of learning and unlearning. A year of new recipes, blog themes, food photography, meeting new friends and well wishers, amazing suggestions and views..The journey has been remarkable.. And I’m glad I took this up…Thanking my family and friends for the little push, without which this would still be a dream.

Blogging, especially food blogging and food photography has gone places….the last few years have seen an immense change in blogging and food styles. And I ve been a silent follower of the same…Never in my life had I thought that I could even bake my baby’s birthday cake, or even do some orders…Phew!! but thanks for all the love and support through the social platforms…you guys are just too kind….

Life has not been the same once our second bundle of happiness, Aiden, came home, as our Christmas gift. However, amidst all that madness, cheer, bottles, diapers and chuckles, there was no time for this space. That’s my only excuse!!!

Anyways its good to be back. Better late than never right?

In order to have a safe delivery and a healthy baby, I maintained a hale and hearty diet throughout those nine months. But soon after that, I just couldn’t have all those greens anymore. In fact, I started craving for all other kinds of food minus the greens.

But I knew that’s not the right thing to do…All of us were still recovering from a real bad flu (a unique kind that suck the life out of our entire family), and we had to recoup…

Went around looking for recipes, and I found the right one for my current state…It had greens and meat..lovely combo…I was happy that I don’t give up on taste and yet fill up the blanks on the nutrition side. And that lovely recipe is ..Methi/ Fenugreek Chicken

Methi/ Fenugreek Chicken

Methi leaves are a daily staple in North Indian kitchens…not a regular one in South India, although the seeds are used in every cooking. These leaves, although small and looks uninviting, have an abundance of calcium, iron, and other vitamins, items that I really needed after coming home with a newborn baby.

This Methi/ Fenugreek Chicken is the answer to all those fierce meat lovers, who would love to add some greens into their diet. What an ideal way of celebrating Iftar, health consciously. It’s easy to make and great in taste and just perfect for your health.

Methi/ Fenugreek Chicken

Ramadan Kareem to all!!

Kindly excuse the photographs..They are not as good as i wanted them to be, but I can guaranty the taste!!

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Methi/ Fenugreek Chicken

 Recipe credits to Farruk Shaddab

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