Layali Lubnan

Wishing all those who celebrate, a Happy MahaNavratri / Dussehra and Diwali. This period is quite nostalgic, its an entire season of celebrations and festivals, one after the other. Holidays, lots of yumm food and sweets, crackers and lights everywhere……and time with family and cousins who visit, are the additional highlights.

For Hindus, this season marks the beginning of harvest and celebrating the victories of Lord Rama and Goddess Durga (thanks to Amar Chitra Katha, these mythological tales bring in fresh memories), celebration of lights, colors and what not…..

To conclude, it’s the season of celebrations…..And how can a festival be a celebration without sweets?

Since I am now part of the Mediterranean world, I thought..why not a fusion of these cultures? And so i bring to you, this Mediterranean favorite Layali Lubnan. The name basically translates to ‘Lebanese Nights’.

This is a semolina based sweet pudding that is so easy to make, and with its creamy texture and aroma, you could even call it a Semolina Wonder. The pics are not too good, as my two babies (my husband and daughter), were quite impatient, and demanded for more of this yum dessert.

Layali Lubnan/

This could be topped with some whipped cream and spread and brushed with pistachios and nuts….but I just stuck to the basic…..I added some edible glitter to just pomp it a bit. My friend Taji and family also had some share of Layali Lubnan, and they loved it too. I now have somebody who would vouch for the taste here..Anyways, I invite you friends, to try Layali Lubnan, this little Mediterranean favorite for your Dussehra Celebrations…

The recipe is sourced from the Friday magazines Recipe booklet (June 2014 edition)

Layali Lubnan/

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5 Responses to Layali Lubnan

  1. asha george

    Lovely! A must try!!

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thank you Asha!!

  2. Simi Jois

    Wow ! this brings back childhood memories, mom used to make rava methai and it used to look just like this, thanks for posting.

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thanks Simi…Please do try it..its quite easy..and yumm too..Im a huge fan of your food pics, and love your recipes..Thanks for stopping by…

  3. alfalah

    thank you for this delicious recipe

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