Kozhikkodan Chicken Biriyani

There have been lot of requests for Kozhikkodan Chicken Biriyani, and Cinnamon Weekends has the perfect Biriyani recipe, straight from an experienced Malabari- Aysha. I have already mentioned about Aysha in the Paaliyakka recipe. This super woman was so kind enough to share her recipe along with some secret tips, which has become a favorite at home.

Malabar Chicken Biryani

My husband believes that Biriyani has healing properties….and it’s his favorite dish. He’s had all types of Biryani from across India, but was bowled over by the Biriyani served at our Zains Hotel in Calicut, soon after our wedding. Since then he’s been a huge fan of our Kozhikkodan Biriyani.

Unlike other biriyan recipes, Kozhikkodan Chicken Biriyani has a few differences. There’s no turmeric, chilli powder, pepper or garlic used in the preparation. Garlic though is used in many other Malabar biriyani recipes that I have seen,  this one below comes with an exception. Also the rice used is a special variety called Khyma or Jeerakashala, small grained rice, famous for its characteristic fragrance and aroma.

Kozhikkodan Chicken Biriyani

The Kozhikkodan Chicken Biriyani is distinctive in its own way, because of the unique blend of spices and the flavor of Khyma rice. Very less oil is used to make the chicken biriyani Masala, and the abundance of mint and coriander leaves just makes it a culinary delight.

Make your weekends special with this unique dish from the Malabar Coast! Serve this with some green chutney, dates pickle and raita, and finish it off with some Sulaimani.. True Malabar Style!!

Kozhikkodan Chicken Biryani

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4 Responses to Kozhikkodan Chicken Biriyani

  1. Tommy

    I would like to say that is a wonderful post for a delicious recipe like this. From the listed procedures and how you explain are clearly and easy to follow. This will surely help your readers like me on making this dish. Thanks for sharing it to us . more power to you 🙂

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thank you Tommy Hanson…for the kind words

  2. zubin fathima

    I tried your chicken biriyani recipe,he came out very well.Thanks alot,do post more recipes.

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      thank you so much Zubin Fathima..

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