Kerala Style Beef fry

Beef fry illathey enthu Christmas and Easter?? Yes, without the Kerala style spicy beef fry, no feast is complete…..Sorry….I know there are some laws related to beef off late, but Gods own country needs this…..Beef has been a regular at all our homes.My ammachi’s beef fry was to die for…Nothing could beat that. My mum credits that taste to everything fresh…fresh beef, fresh spices…..

Although this recipe will reach nowhere close to that…this was amma’s easier version of making beef fry…As I ve mentioned before, my mom managed work and home with a skill that i admired a lot. So her recipes were always simple and less complicated…The pressure cooker was her kitchen friend, as it reduced her work by half, and made her life easier..

Beef fry/cinnamonweekends

This recipe is extremely simple, just add all the ingredients into the pressure cooker, and voila..It will work its magic…Beef fry ready..This usually goes well with everything idiyappam, puttu, moru kachiyathu and nice kutthari rice….also with some fresh toddy…so says the rest of my family..

I don’t have too many pics, nor could I do justice to these pics, cause I simply couldn’t resist……

So here comes the recipe from the kitchens of South India..>Enjoy!!! Dont finish it at one shot….Somehow, it tastes even better the next day…..

 Kerala style beef fry/cinnamonweekends

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2 Responses to Kerala Style Beef fry

  1. Shijna D'cruz

    Thanks for this awesome recipe.. my friends and i got a lot of complements when we made the kerala beef fry for our Easter potluck lunch.. really simple to make and absolutely mouth watering

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thanks Shijna…you made my day…

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