Instant Gulab Jamun (Dumplings in Rose Water Syrup)

If somebody wondered why there are more posts of sweets and cakes in this blog, I am the reason…I have a sweet tooth…..or maybe two ( or a couple more…joking)..It’s so difficult to sit at home on weekends and not have sweets or cake.

Yesterday was one such day. Pledged not to make any sweets, and started the day with some cleaning projects and basic cooking…Spent the rest of the day taking pics of the li’l one and singing rhymes with her and watching her cartoons.

But by chai time, I was restless….maybe my sugar levels dropped :-)..Screened the kitchen to find something that can be made easily…cos I didn’t have patience for a baking session…Needed something that can be done quickly….Finally I see this unopened can of Milk powder….The decision was made….a quick yet exciting dessert….The very common, yet delicious Gulab Jamun.

Gulab Jamun

I always thought Gulab Jamuns were difficult….My mother always made them using the MTR Gulab Jamun mix….Although they were perfect and nice… always gave me the notion that it was difficult to be made from scratch…Hence the instant mix that we see in the supermarkets..

Years later, when I made them yesterday, it reminded me of those days, waiting impatiently next to Amma, as she divided the dough into small balls, deep-frying them in ghee, counting the jamuns dipped into the fragrant syrup, fighting for an extra jamun…..Ah…I miss home and the luxury of being fed amazing food by mom…

Anyways, without any doubt, this is one of those ever popular desserts/ mithai, seen at almost all Indian weddings, festivals  and functions. Now what if you can make them at home instantly, not compromising the taste or flavour , and delight your kids and guests?

Gulab Jamun

The recipe is from Lakshmi from (What a beautiful website!), and I was amazed by the results….Therefore, a must try, my friends, during this Holi. Holi, or no Holi, these melt-in-the-mouth dumplings will be a regular dessert at home soon.

I stuck to Purevege’s original recipe (with the exception of flour, which I didn’t add to the dough). Adding flour into the milk powder helps the balls to retain the round shape and prevent them from collapsing or loosing shape when plunged into the syrup. But somehow, the batch with flour added were more firm and a tad less flavorful than the super moist and spongy first batch without the flour. And I used ghee for frying them..Nothing else can bring the taste and flavor…

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

I reduced the sugar in the sugar syrup, and added rosewater (that’s where the gulab comes in the name), cardamom and some bits and pieces of pistachios….Yumm…..

You can see in the pics that my jamuns had difficulty in holding the shape. But they were moist and succulent and literally melt-in-the mouth. And the impatience is also seen is some slightly burnt jamuns too…But I loved them all..

 Need I say more…..Have a yummy weekend, and a colorful, yet safe Holi!!


Gulab Jamun

Instant Gulab Jamuns

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