Honey and Sesame Chicken

I love chicken dishes, and always prefer to have chicken during weekends. Off late, I have this newfound love for trying new varieties, especially ones that don’t need a lot of  time. The ones where you just need a special marinade, and off it goes to the oven. These are quite healthy too, as you don’t use too much oil for the preparation. And that’s the special recipe for today’s post- Honey and Sesame Chicken

Last weekend, I was in the mood for a Chinese style preparation, the semi-sweet kinds, and then i see Silvena Rowe’s recipe for Honey and Sesame Sticky Chicken Wings. The recipe looked extremely easy, and I had all the ingredients at home. However, I did have to make some changes to the recipe, as this one only had honey, ketchup and soy sauce as main ingredients. I wanted the chicken to be slightly spiced, so made few additions to the original recipe, left the chicken to absorb all that marinade, and baked it.  

Honey Sesame Chicken/cinnamonweekends.com

The final output was extremely स्वादिष्ट and delizioso……So easy to make..yet extremely delectable is all i can say…

A must try for those variety weekends.  This semi-sweet Honey and Sesame chicken goes well with anything as a side dish, or a simple wrap, a perfect complement to noodles or fried rice. You could add it even to your salad, and have a sweet chicken salad.

Adapted from Silvena Rowe’s Honey and Sesame Sticky Chicken wings Good Food (Friday magazine). People in UAE can just check the last edition of Friday Magazine, if you would like to stick with the original recipe of the great chef.

Honey and Sesame Chicken/ cinnamonweekends.com


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