Diwali Specials

The Festival of Lights is here again, as another year passes by quietly.

Diwali, for me is all about sweets, sweets and sweets, and then lighting diyas, the crackers and lights that never stop (especially in Chennai…I never sleep during Diwali, as you never have a minute of silence…All you can hear are those roars and bursts of crackers and beautiful fireworks.

Most of my childhood memories are those gold and silver wrapped mithai boxes that stored in abundance in all sweet shops and bakeries….The mithai boxes had sweets in all colors and flavours, and we watched our neighbours bursting crackers and fireworks.

This year, I celebrate Diwali well in advance by trying some special hand picked recipes for my family and readers, as they celebrate the diya festival…..Let the light and the festive spirit bring about joy and happiness to the world.

Diwali Specials

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