Farmers’ Market on the Terrace- an experience

Its been quite some time that Dubai has opened its arms to local organic farmers in and around UAE. Thanks to certain initiatives by the ‘Baker n Spice’ team in Dubai, the Farmers’ Market on the Terrace has been a huge success and this is their eighth season in Dubai and continues to bring people closer to nature and embrace the concept of ‘buying local produce’.

Farmers’ Market on the Terrace is a beautiful concept of being able to connect directly with the people who grow the food we eat, something that I was unaware of (in UAE), until few years back. I used to think that at least 95 percent of our foods comes from elsewhere other than Dubai, and even worry about all the chemicals that go into that produce to keep it stay fresh until it reached the customers finally.

(All photographs are from the sixth season of the Farmers Market on the Terrace)

Farmers market


The knowledge that fresh, organic, local, produce of such amazing quality from local farmers in UAE at cheap rates can be available, is a sigh of relief for parents like me who are extremely concerned about the food that we feed our kids.

The Farmers’ Market on the Terrace took its baby steps at the Jumeirah Emirates Towers, and  I must say that families have really enjoyed this experience of being able to pick up fresh produce directly from farmers, as well as interact with them.

Its a joy to see place packed with families who are not just enjoying the lovely weather, but also catching up with friends they’ve known from the market, children running around, babies getting their share of vitamin D on their pram, farmers proudly sharing their fresh produce…amazing smell of breads by Baker n Spice, c, some fresh honey and honey combs, lovely herbs and greens collection..

All these farmers here are Organic certified, and bring to us locally grown, organic, fresh, authentic, sustainable, ethical produce. In other words, it’s the market by the farmers and for the farmers.

Farmers Market dubai

Farmers Market Jumeirah

What a lovely chance to meet the faces that have toiled to make food for you, thats fresh and the best, directly from the farm/ fields to the customer, and reasonably priced too. And by supporting these local groups, we are supporting these small farmers in this platform to get us fresh, chemical free, preservative free fruits and vegetables.

Apart from all this green wonder, look out for some yummy options, for breakfast or a quick bite. Baker and Spice counter is a must visit, with amazing goodies, breads and a whole bunch of healthy appetizing food options.. Counters with protein shakes, I even saw one that had pure pomegranate juice being squeezed for the visitors….. We also tried some amazing wraps made of fresh homemade buns and sausages and a vegan option with spinach…

 For plant lovers there’s a plant swap counter…. organic eggs and quail eggs that you can feed your little ones without worry…

 The Farmers’ market on the Terrace welcomes bakers, food bloggers, cooks and plant enthusiasts who offer their best products for the community, and its an out of the world experience.


Personally for me, it’s also the excitement of waking up early and carrying a basket to buy fresh fruits and vegetables, a feeling that you’re picking them right from your own garden. What better way to start your weekend??

Bring your kids to the Farmers Market as well. Not only would this be a great outdoor activity for them, but a chance to experience and understand the life cycle of the food that’s brought to their table.. An opportunity to see a real farmers market. Getting your kids involved in choosing the vegetables and letting them calculate and understand Pricing, and smell the freshness, letting them pick up the produce will be fun, and gives them a sense of responsibility..Although my little one is too young for it, I happily watched my friend Sara explain these to her lovely kids….

There’s so much more out there and I would feel wonderful, if someone else gets to have the same experience. So what are you waiting for?

The Farmers’ Market On The Terrace, has now moved to Bay Avenue, Business Bay, and is active for around 6 months of the year (November to May) .

Farmers Market on the Terrace/ cinnamonweekends

Farmers Market Dubai/ cinnamonweekends

Check their Facebook page for updates- Farmer’s Market on the Terrace 

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  1. Sally - My Custard Pie

    Lovely pics – you’ve underlined all the reasons why I love to do my weekly shop here.

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thanks Sally….I love you and your blog…:-)

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  5. Rubeen

    Wow. Looks really good and healthy

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