Chocolate Flan Cake

Caramel Custard/ Flan and Chocolate cake in one piece? That’s exactly what got me so attracted to this Chocolate Flan Cake recipe when Maria from MariasMenu posted this recipe on her beautiful blog. The cake looked so tempting, that I decided I wanted to bake it asap. Alas, I never had a bundt pan to start with.

So all readers, before you continue, make a point to invest in a good bundt pan. Not only are these a  good investment, it just make your cakes look so pretty and nice. and these come in good quality heavy pans, that stay with you throughout your cooking life…They are slightly bigger than our cake pans, and come in swirl designs, that makes the cakes look impressive.

Now back to the post….the pic says it all…The Chocolate Flan Cake is so beautiful that you don’t need any frosting or topping to make it tempting…I used a 12 cup capacity bundt pan (exact measurements for the recipe) to make this awesome awesome cake….And my friend Sara and her kids were so impressed that they decided well in advance that this cake has to be baked for her kids race car themed birthday party.

Chocolate Flan Cake/

Although slightly time consuming to prepare and arrange the ingredients, once everything is ready, everything goes fairly quick. There are 2 parts to the recipe one for the caramel custard or the flan, and second the chocolate cake. Both the batters are prepared separately and then poured in the pan together, one by one, and baked to perfection. The excitement when you invert the pan and see the flan resting on the chocolate cake, its ecstatic.

Chocolate Flan Cake/

It is better that you bake it a day ahead if it’s for a special occasion, as it requires some time to cool in the pan….the final result…your guests and family and kids will be so impressed with the design and the layer of cake and flan, that they will literally fight for the very last piece. I guarantee that. Served this with some melted gooey caramel sauce/ dulce de leche……Ahhhhh…Heaven in a small plate…..

If the above description was not enough, wait till you see the pics….

Chocolate Flan Cake/

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  1. Rubeen Rashik

    Beautiful photos and beautiful website. Keep up the good work!

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thank you Rubeen….

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