Chicken Cutlets

Chicken Cutlets are considered a comfort food in most of the Syrian Christian families…… although it was an exception at my place…..We were so used to the yummy chicken cutlets from Cochin Bakery…..and how can i not mention the cutlets from Kalanthans??? Some of the best cutlets ever….For guys who’ ve not been to Kozhikode, I would say you’ve missed the Food Paradise……Anyways, lets get back to cutlets…

chicken cutlets/cinnamonweekends

The best part about cutlets is that you can make the patties well in advance, and freeze it…..for those lazy days….and these are easy to make , and extremely satisfying..Need more? You can have them for breakfast (with bread), lunch (with rice and Moru kachiyathu), even kids lunchboxes, with tea and even for dinner.(rolled into chapathis)…A food item that goes with anything at any time of the day..

Starter/appetiser…along with main course…..This chicken cutlet is an all rounder…..

When I thought of options for easter recipes, this is what came to my mind….Easter is very special, and you definitely need a full table to feast on…So why not make some things ahead, so that you can relax during the feast day??..

chicken cutlet/cinnamonweekends

The recipe is pretty basic and simple, and if you follow it to the T, it should work out could use the recipe for making veg cutlets as well….an easy way to get kids to eat some veggies and protein…These can be deep fried or pan fried too….

Ok…now why dont you guys go read the recipe, and make it for your family? Your family and kids will thank you for it…

chicken cutlet/

chicken cutlets/cinnamonweekends

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  1. Anamika Arun

    My brother studied in Kozhikode, I’m sure he must have relished these and other good stuff. Happy Easter to your family!

    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Wow Anamika…Thanks….

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