Anniversary Special- Tiramisu (Eggless)

2 years of Cinnamon Weekends!! I’m delighted I could do this !! And hope I improve with time. A huge thank you to a few friends and family again…You guys are the best…..What would I have done with you?

Anniversaries are special right? And it should be made sweeter with a special dessert. So here’s one of my favorite desserts today…..

Tiramisu has been on my ‘to-make list’ for a very very long time. After like what seems ages, all thanks to laziness, procuring the main ingredients,  selecting THE final recipe, then procrastinating…… I am, finally, with Tiramisu (Egg-less), a satisfied post.

I’m sure I don’t need to give an introduction of this famous dessert.  Tiramisu (Italian), which means ‘pick me up’ or ‘lift me up’ is an Italian coffee flavored dessert that’s made out of layers of  lady fingers dipped in coffee and alcohol mix, and topped with the rich mascarpone cheese, eggs and sugar, and completed with a decent dusting of cocoa…

All I can say…the blend of coffee, mascarpone cheese, cocoa and liqueur is heavenly……. So let’s get introduced to this taste of heaven….a non-cook, non-bake, easy to assemble dessert, which improves with time when left in the fridge to set for hours.



The traditional Tiramisu recipe has raw eggs used, without which Italians cannot call it Tiramisu…, and slightly complicated too (to get the eggs consistency and mix right). But with two little monsters at home and a husband who’s not too comfortable with raw eggs in any form, I decided to look for a recipe without the eggs…a less complicated version of the celebrated Tiramisu recipe.


Procuring the main ingredients for Tiramisu- The ingredients are not things you find in your daily kitchen. The Lady Finger biscuits and Mascarpone cheese. Even in Dubai, I did struggle to find Lady Finger biscuits. But Mascarpone is available mostly at all major supermarkets.

Mascarpone is Italian cream cheese which has been further clotted by using acidic items like lemon or vinegar. Its rich, creamy, thick and delicious, expensive too…. The liqueur is completely optional, and you can use almond, coffee, Kahlua or even rum…

Once you have all the ingredients, start whipping, get the coffee and liqueur ready, and voila.. Just assemble them to perfection, add more cocoa and chocolate shards…. and let them blend and create beautiful flavors.

I’ve tried to make this gallery to illustrate how the layers are made..Hope it helps..

So lets make our lives and days sweeter with this simple dessert- Tiramisu. Make it for your family, your get together, for your babies…neighbors’ (let them envy you!!)…

After all, the best conversations are around the food table…and Tiramisu can be one of your reasons for some of Life’s simplest pleasures!!!

Eggless Tiramisu

Tiramisu Eggless

Eggless Tiramisu

By July 27, 2016

Yield : 7-8



In a pan, make cofee and boil it till its half the quantity.

Meanwhile, in a bowl, beat whipping cream with sugar until creamy and the sugar has dissolved.

Add Mascarpone cheese to this, and blend them together, do not over mix the cheese as it may curdle.

Once coffee has cooled down, add the liqueur. Dip lady fingers into this mixture (dont dip it for long) and lay them on a square baking dish..Pour half the cheese mixture over this and spread evenly.

Dust with cocoa, and add few chocolate curls (optional).

Now lay another layer of the coffee dipped layer fingers on top of this and top it again with the remaining cheese mix. Finish with a final dusting of cocoa powder and chocolate.

Chill for atleast 4 hrs before serving.


  1. The pictures above have a third layer as well, and I've adjusted the ingredients accordingly.
  2. Theres a cheat version to this.. Instead of ladyfinger biscuits you can use yellow cake/ tea cake dipped in coffee, or even use our Parle G biscuits...

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