Afghani Palak Pulao

Last week, I was looking for some veg pulao, just to try something different from the biriyani and non-vegetarian items. The more healthier the better. And I didn’t want the regular veg pulao, so I kept browsing and finally found this… This recipe has spinach (Palak) and Methi leaves (Fenugreek leaves), which are the superfoods for health. I didn’t have methi leaves, so just used spinach while preparing the pulao. The ‘Afghani’ added to it was an extra reason too.

And I didn’t regret. The Afghani Palak Pulao is so delicious, just healthier and nutritious…A good recipe if you need to wow your vegetarian guests. You could team it up with some Veg Tikka Masala or Paneer. We had some leftover Goan Mutton Vindaloo, which went perfectly with this flavored rice. Try this super dish, and send me your comments….Hope I make your day!!

Sourced from Cubesnjuliennes

Afghani Palak Pulao/

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