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Hi!!! I am Shruthi, and a warm welcome to Cinnamon Weekends!!!

I live in Dubai, but was raised in the small town of Calicut in Kerala, India…My husband and I have 2 beautiful kids Anika and Aiden…and they take up most of our time (and who’s complaining …we love it!!!)..All my time during the week is spent at work and the remaining time is completely dedicated to my kids. So weekends are when I try to work a little magic in the kitchen.

I was never passionate about cooking…..and thought it was a lot of effort. I truly started appreciating food and its power when I started cooking myself. And when I really made an attempt at trying new dishes and perfecting them, I got amazing responses, and was overjoyed.

It was then that I decided to start a food blog. It was initially only intended as a journal for me and my friends, but when I got into it, it looked interesting…and the rest is history….

The Cinnamon Weekends website gets the name from the ‘weekend’ cooking and my love for the spice  ‘Cinnamon’.

In this space, I passionately bring to the readers a few of the recipes that have been tried and tested from friends, family and world-wide web. The recipes are not entirely gluten-free, or diet specific. What I believe is in ‘VARIETY’ of foods that we should enjoy in our day-to-day lives….Meats, colorful veggies, all types of grains…a bit of sweetness……!!!

Any reference to a recipe that has been sourced from a different author will be duly credited. Please refer to ‘Notes’ Section that gives details of all that I went through while trying and perfecting the recipes.The photographs are all my own, unless specified, so please respect that, and kindly do not use them elsewhere without permission.

All comments, suggestions and of course compliments are welcome. I appreciate your part in this journey and am absolutely honoured that you’re here.

Genuine comments and feedback would help me in the long way, so please don’t hesitate to contact me at cinnamonweekends@gmail.com.

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4 Responses to ABOUT

  1. K RAHUL

    Really great effort on your part, Shruthi. Best wishes and prayers for all successes…

    • Shruthi Joseph

      Thanks Rahul for the kind words

  2. Sylvia Nair

    Excellent site, Shruti!

    Really enjoyed exploring your blog. Looking forward to seeing and reading more.


    • Cinnamon Weekends

      Thank you Sylvia Chechi for the love and support….

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